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Mobile Life Conversions

Custom Built Vans!

"You Dream It, We Build It!" 

Custom Work

At Mobile Life Conversions, our mission is to provide exceptional custom builds, repairs, and upgrades for school buses and vans. We specialize in transforming these vehicles into personalized and functional living spaces that meet your unique needs and preferences. With our expertise, we offer top-of-the-line off-grid solar equipment, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power source for your mobile lifestyle. Our premium plumbing systems and indoor showers provide the comfort and convenience of a home on the road. Additionally, we offer roof raises to create more headroom and space in your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a complete build or need repairs and upgrades, Mobile Life Conversions is here to bring your vision to life.

Why Choose Us

Flexible & Smart Service

We are here at your service!

But importantly our designs use the highest end technology for max energy efficiency within your electric system. Beyond that we re-use material to design the finishing touches using elite craftsmanship.  

Cheaper/Competitive Pricing

We strive to meet your budget and are reasonable when it comes to prices. Alongside, by re-using material using intelligent design, we are able to save you money. 

Quality & Faster Work

We strive to serve nothing less than perfection & high quality craftsmanship. With a touch of intelligent & creative engineering to meet your needs. Our fast work comes from years of experience using intelligent designs and processes..

Quality Values

We value the ones we work with. That means taking a strong and focused approach on communication and transparency with our customers.

Satisfied Customers

“Honestly, I must say I was getting worried at first, but the van turned out amazing and in good timing!.”

Justin M.

“Amazing work & design" 

Amelia B.

“Easy people to work with and great results!”

Kenny S.


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Service Areas:

San Diego, California

Sacramento, California

Long Island, New York

Bozeman, Montana

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